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Open Doors for Teens

Personalized Education for Teens

Curiosity, choice, creative expression, critical thinking,
connection, respect, and real world experiences are essential for learning.
These are the keys we offer teens at Open Doors,
empowering them to develop their own learning plans
and meaningful life skills based on their personal interests.

Open Doors Center for Self-Directed Teens is a safe, youth-driven community dedicated to supporting teens of all backgrounds as they engage in their interests, voice their dreams, explore their full potential and share the joy of learning.

All too often, adolescence is viewed simply as a time to endure, get over, and get through. Teens today are not given the chance to take initiative on projects of their own choosing. It is our goal to change that, and to foster motivated, happy teens in the Grand Rapids area who are ready and willing to take on self-directed learning and leadership roles. All teens need and deserve to have their voices heard and respected. We give them that chance.

Open Doors employs a model in which teens and adults work as a community to create a space that can meet the needs of teens in our area. Teens take an active role in making decisions, creating projects and developing programs of their own choosing, all based on their own passions and interests. Teens and adult leaders facilitate the process of turning these passions and interests into realities both within the center and in the Grand Rapids community at large.


Open Doors has openings available for Fall Semester 2018. We are accepting applications now.

If you are interested in applying or have any questions, please contact us via email: rkirk@thegeekgroup.org, or by phone: (616) 550-0371.

The first step for a prospective student and their family is to schedule a meeting with us at our facility so we can explore the learning options we have available for you, take a tour of our labs, and get to know each other better.

After your visit and our conversations, if you decide to enroll, you may do so online at


We can’t wait to meet you and begin helping you to achieve your dreams!