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Machine Time – 3D Printer

The 3d Printing studio is equipped with several different brands of 3d printers, all of which are a Tier-2 tool, which means you pay for the materials, but not the time used.

Online booking lets you book any major tool 1-8 days in advance. If you want to use this tool today, it is available first-come first-serve. We will let you know if somebody is scheduled to use that tool later in the day. There are several 3d printers and booking online does not guarantee a specific one. If your project has specific needs please let us know so we can ensure that printer is available for you.

You can also book training on the 3d Printers if you need.

  • Filament starts at $0.15 per gram, up to $0.25 per gram
  • Most of the filament is ABS plastic, but there is also PLA and some other specialty filaments
  • There is a variety of colors available, but we cannot guarantee a specific color
  • Most of the printers have a five inch cube workspace
  • One of the printers has an eight inch cube workspace, but it can only print PLA (plan accordingly)
  • Parts from the printers can all be sanded, glued, and painted – an easy way to build big parts
  • Most of the filament is food-safe — ask us if this is important to your project


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