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Machine Time – Sandblasting Cabinet Large

The manual mill is a tier-1 tool and has no associated costs. You can book it online, if you would like to be sure it will be available for your project.

Online booking lets you book any major tool 1-8 days in advance. If you want to use this tool today, it is available first-come first-serve. We will let you know if somebody is scheduled to use that tool later in the day.

You can also book training on the sandblasters if you need.

  • The primary use of the sandblaster is to clean parts that have previously been used or painted
  • The maximum size of object that can be put into the sandblaster is 35 by 22 inches
  • While you can sandblast plastic, it's unlikely to provide a desirable outcome
  • Wood parts can be sandblasted after machining
  • Glass can be sandblasted if you mask it first for a texture
  • While there is no cost on this machine, if you intend to use it for an extensive period of time please talk to us for the blasting media cost. We want to keep it fair to everybody and do not charge for most use


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