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The National Science Institute Main Campus

The National Science Institute’s Main Campus is located at

902 Leonard Street NW, Grand Rapids MI 49504

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We can be reached by phone at


We do our best to answer the phone but sometimes it goes to voicemail. We do check it right away and will get back to you.


We love visitors to our facility! We provide tours every Saturday at 12:30pm and they do not require an appointment. While there are no age restrictions on the tours, kids under 12 frequently find it overwhelming.


Membership is a core part of our organization. For more information see our Membership Section.


We have a shared Google Calendar available to everybody to preview the schedule and plan. While this is not exhaustive, we will do our best to add things to the calendar as far in advance as possible. As it is a Google calendar, you are welcome to set your own alarm for any event to remind yourself to attend (in person or via the livestream!). Whenever possible, we will broadcast events via the livestream, but please understand this may not be possible for every event.