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Big Changes At Our Leonard Street Campus

Our new Open Doors for Teens classroom 

Have you ever started your Saturday morning off intending to organize your linen closet, and the next thing you know it’s 5PM Sunday, you’ve torn your entire house apart, and you’re seriously considering renting a dumpster? That’s a fairly accurate summary of the last six weeks at The Geek Group. What started as a simple project to move our Open Doors students into a more conducive learning space quickly morphed into an overhaul of our 40,000 square foot campus.

Spring cleaning takes a bit longer than a weekend when your facility is the size of a city block. But with 15 Open Doors students this past school year, and the program growing, the kids had outgrown the small room they had been using since the program moved in. So we cleared out our old member supply room, converting it into a classroom with natural lighting for our students to use. At the same time, we purged member supply, and moved it into a new well-organized space that is convenient for our members. The new member supply store has a clean, inviting layout with available supplies within arm’s reach.

Our new member supply store

Riding the wave of momentum, room by room we continued to overhaul our facility. We quickly realized our computer refurbishing lab had outgrown the space it was in- so we moved everything from robotics into our old computer lab, and moved our computer lab into a space several times larger. There’s a big announcement coming in just a few weeks about our electronics recycling program, and how we plan to give back to the community in a much larger way from this newly refurbished space.

Sneak peek at the new home of our Computers For Families Program

After finishing out those labs, we split our efforts overhauling our sewing, embroidery, and jewelry department, and working on Studio B- our recording studio. Once complete, Studio B will be available to members for all of their audio recording and engineering needs, be it music recording, podcasts, or recording of narration for audio books or descriptive video service.  As the number of independent recording artists continues to grow at a record-breaking pace, this is a space we anticipate will be highly utilized in the community.

A first look at Studio B- the future of audio recording and engineering at The Geek Group

We are so excited to finish out the last touches on  several other spaces, and we’re looking forward to sharing them with our members, along with all-new signage to make navigating the campus easier. We’re always looking to improve the member experience, so feel free to drop us an email with any feedback you may have.