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The National Science Institute establishes direct access to science and technology and to provide the opportunity for lifelong learning. We do this through three major programs.

Ancillary Education

This program is split into four primary groups: K-12, Postsecondary, Adult and Family. Each initiative is developed so that it fits the needs of each group broadly, while also maintaining flexibility to meet individual needs, with services such as:

    • Supplemental curriculum that meets Next Generation and Common Core standards
    • Programming that can be used in the classroom with little to no training for educators
    • Hands-on activities that turn abstract science into something tangible and relatable
    • A diploma-based program for 6-12 self-paced learners
  • An introductory experience to engineering, manufacturing, and technology based problem solving.

Vocational Training

Current technology and manufacturing industries are evolving at a pace we’ve never experienced before. Job applicants and employees require constant education and training to stay competitive and have the opportunity for advancement. We provide assistance with this by:

    • Facilitating a self-propelled education program that focuses on individual needs
    • Maintaining relationships with experienced industry professionals who are available to provide educational services and support our vision
    • Producing nationwide online training
    • Continually developing relationships with industry to ensure that our programs are relevant, up-to-date, and necessary
  • Providing a facility useful for small business development

Recreational Education

When learning is fun, people begin learning for its own sake. We believe that making education an enjoyable part of everyday life is vital to making individuals successful. We help by:

    • Maintaining an online community where free discussion is encouraged
    • Introducing wonderment without prejudice through scientific demonstrations
    • Offering a facility with direct access to science and technology for hobby use
  • Offering free, online educational programming that is both approachable and enjoyable