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The National Science Institute

Direct access to science and technology, in education, play, and programming.


Encouraging Curiosity

We exist to support your educational journey, whether that means visiting us to work on a project or discussing ideas with people from around the world in our online chat rooms.


Removing Barriers of Entry

It doesn’t matter to us how much experience you have, how old you are, or what your goals are. We are here to enable you to meet your goals and receive training.


Education should be fun

One of our core beliefs is that education can be enjoyable, and it should be a life-long journey. We strive to make educational videos, and to explore science for entertainment.

Technology at Home is Mandatory

Computers For Families

We provide low-cost computers and technology to families, no questions asked.

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A Different Way To Do School

Open Doors for Teens is our full time educational program
In addition to our short-term and self-guided programming opportunities, we also host a full-time school for students grades 6-12. It is individualized and works in conjunction with homeschooling. Learn More

What People Say About Us

This is a great place if you have a project tha is in your head but not sure how to go about it. The staff is insanely knowledgeable to help you get it done

Zach Danzer

I had the opportunity to visit Chris & the group while in town recently for a family reunion. I first learned about them a year ago & was so impressed with all they do to help the community. They are the kind of neighbors we would all like to have. Please go & see for yourself all that they do. If so inclined please feel free to leave a donation. Thank you so much for your hospitality & the tour.

Joy Bolick

TGG is an awesome place – I’ve had the honor of being able to volunteer here, and the services they provide are amazing. I’ve never been to a maker space before, but I feel like I really could make anything I wanted to here if I put my mind to it. I would highly recommend getting a membership here if you have even the smallest desire to tinker, or take your idea to the next level.

Glen Bakeman

This place absolutely ROCKS! sporting a “working in a factory feel” the Bell-and-whistles at this place COUNT! For every science or tech enthusiast- or just us “geeks at heart” these guys really know their stuff! From Green-screen to electricity experimentation to physics…. Really nice people– our school group had a BLAST! And the owner is REALLY Smart– like- Neil deGrasse Tyson smart! Ask him ANYTHING!!! (one of our gals actually had the owner at a loss for words due to…

Deborah Fruk

Some many maker spaces have poor selection of tools or super high prices to participate. The Geek Group is none of these things, the selection is amazing, the space is superb and the staff are friendly and helpful. Can’t recommend it enough, do yourself and community a favor, get kids involved in programs here to help encourage STEM at all ages. Lots of classes and tours on the website with really incredible membership rates! Great work Geek Group.

Chris Vukin

the geek group houses a wonderful school program called open doors. without the geek group, i wouldn’t know half the things i do now. they are quite serious about accessible learning. i owe a lot to this place! you can truly do anything here.

Space Redbow


We Need More Volunteers

We exist because of volunteers. We are always look for more people, especially industry professionals. Volunteers can work a few hours per month, or a few hours per week. There are some opportunities for remote assistance as well.

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